cfprocparam Gotcha in CF 7.0.2 Hot Fix 1

We just moved CF 7.0.2 Hot Fix 1 into our dev environment today and quickly found a problem…

It seems that a developer who no longer works with us liked to use named parameters like this:
cfprocparam cfsqltype=”cf_sql_integer” type=”in” dbvarname=”intLinkLocation_ID” value=”#Form.linkLocation#”

The only problem was that the MS SQL 2000 server used @intLinkLocation_ID for the parameter. CF seemed to forget this fact since the items were in the correct sequence. After the hot fix it throws a cryptic error on the stored procedure.

Error Executing Database Query.
[Macromedia][SQLServer JDBC Driver][SQLServer]Line 1: Incorrect syntax near ‘=’.

The fix is easy, just add the @. Unfortunately, we found over 1000 instances where the @ is missing. Even if we add them all we now have the fun of testing all the apps to make sure we get the names right.

So watch out!!!

One Response to cfprocparam Gotcha in CF 7.0.2 Hot Fix 1

  1. Brian says:

    Keep it up, bookmarked and referred some friends.

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