Component Hierarchy Tree Control Files

For all of you waiting on my CF Component Hierarchy Tree Control files, I have posted them here. Since they use CF and Flex, you will have to have your Flex project setup and pointing to CF. In addition, you will need to make the following code changes to match your environment:

1. Services.mxml – change the source attribute of the Remote Object to match your environment

2. Subject.cfc – change the alias of the component tag to match your environment

3. – change the RemoteClass alias to match your envionment

4. SubjectHandler.cfm – change all instances of root_personal.shouse04.flexplayground.model.Subject to point to your Subject.cfc location

Sorry for the delay on posting these, but I really want to clean them up a little and I just got my Flex Builder license in late last week. So the good news is that I am back in business!!!

Component Hierarchy Files

6 Responses to Component Hierarchy Tree Control Files

  1. Andy says:

    But this is only a tree…not the much awaited dropdown tree

  2. cyberdust says:

    I hope to have the dropdown tree available this month.

  3. cyberdust says:

    For anyone subscribed to this post, the SelectTree files have been posted today. Enjoy!

  4. hsTed says:

    Having trouble fetching these files (‘Service Unavailable’). Are they no longer available? Thanks!

  5. cyberdust says:

    files are available again. Sorry the server was having trouble.

  6. Victor says:

    I’m enterested in your comboTree component

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